How to cast a write-in vote?

In determining the validity of a write-in vote, the spelling of the candidate’s name need not be exact as long as the intent of the voter can be determined. There should be some relationship between the appearance or the sound of the name written in and that of the candidate’s actual name. In the case of a misspelled name, a majority of the judges must agree as to the intent of the voter and whether or not the write-in vote will be counted.

Printing the name of the write-in candidate is just as valid as writing the name in script, however, the use of stickers or a rubber stamp by a voter does not constitute a valid write-in vote.

To accomplish your write-in vote you must print the name of the write-in candidate on the line and darken the oval to the left of the name you write-in.  (See illustration above). 

In order to request a "Vote by Mail Application", select the picture below to go to the Kane County Clerk's website and fill out the information, hit "Search" and follow the onscreen instructions.


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